Legat Architects

“Colin Powell Middle School responds to the district’s vision for a cutting-edge facility for its students and community.”

Aware of Its Surroundings

The layout responds to site features, solar patterns, and circulation. Key interior spaces wrap around two outdoor courtyards that bring light into the building, support outdoor activities, and simplify navigation.


Nature-inspired Interiors

The interior color scheme borrows from the natural colors that surround the building to ease navigation and promote a sense of identity.

“Colin Powell Middle School employed the concept of flexible space by including a multifunctional room that serves as cafeteria, performance venue and interdisciplinary space, thus maximizing operational efficiency.”

Daylight Harvesting

A daylighting system brings natural light to about 90% of the facility’s interior.


Geothermal System

A pond-based geothermal system helps heat and cool the school. The system significantly reduces operations and maintenance costs.

“Energy efficiency, environmental conscientiousness, and openness were all driving factors in the design.”