Legat Architects

“By renovating the existing structure and upgrading key building systems, we were able to reduce construction period resource consumption and more efficiently use energy as we operate the revitalized facility.”

Multifunctional Glass Façade

Natural light fills the space thanks to a new glass façade that faces the parking lot. During the day, the green glass filters sunlight and shows the college’s main color. Aluminum sunscreens in a random pattern further reduce glare. At night, the glass exhibits internal activity and entices people to enter.


Welcoming Lobby

A bright, open lobby welcomes students and community members alike. There are plenty of places to gather, and a grand stair ascends to the fitness center.

Sustainable Response

The once-lifeless second floor plaza reemerges as the Chaparral Fitness Center. The natural light that fills the space testifies to the project’s sustainable accomplishment: the project reduces energy consumption by nearly 25%.