Legat Architects

“. . . a delicate response to its neighbors . . .”

Student Street

Accessibility and visibility are at the root of the design of the student street that runs the length of the facility. First floor student resource spaces are easy to see. When those on the student street look up, they see additional resources that support their success: large windows display students interacting in the library, group study areas, and classrooms on the second floor, while administrative offices occupy the third floor.

A Center for Student Life

The cafeteria, located at the convergence of three concourses, represents a center for student life. Its central location maximizes foot traffic.

“Terraced modules step out from the street, providing access to green roofs and photovoltaic panels installed for both energy saving and educational purposes.”

Terraced to Impress

A highly articulated façade expresses the modular interior layout and creates a striking aesthetic in comparison to the surrounding unarticulated two-story buildings. The palette of exterior materials respects the existing campus context.

Geothermal System

84 geothermal wells that reduce the building’s energy toll extend 450 feet beneath the greenway that connects the Campus Center to the parking lot. The geothermal system comes into the building through a “pump room,” which students can see through a glass wall.