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Watch a video about the SWEC’s programs and LEED highlights.

“The sustainable design of the facility makes good financial sense: we anticipate that the systems will pay for themselves in energy savings, and any savings beyond that will go back into the college.”


Decorative Masonry Benefits

Employing the main campus’s three primary masonry tones, a decorative brick pattern achieves the scale of the region, resonates with the colorful and playful qualities of the adjacent commercial strip, and presents a strong wall to extreme weather from the north.

Sun Charmer

Louvers, light shelves, and the slender east-west spine bring daylight and outdoor views to 95% of interiors, while providing warmth and delight in the Midwestern climate.

“Faculty and staff are using the building as a teaching tool, students are engaging with the green features of the building, and the community recognizes it as an asset.”


Comfort and Cost Savings

If a classroom is occupied, sensors detect the rise in carbon dioxide and heat, cool, or ventilate the space accordingly. This maximizes comfort and reduces energy expenses.

Light and Views

A narrow floor plan and a long, east-west axis bring natural light and exterior views to 95% of interior areas.


Daylight Harvesting

Careful calibration between the vertical spacing and the depth of the mullions creates a perfect daylighting ratio and a self-shading aperture.

Green Roof

A tray-based green roof system creates an open-air educational space where students connect with the natural environment and learn about sustainability.