Legat Architects

Think Tank

The think tank, a hub of multimedia collaboration, encourages students to think out loud and supports global conferencing. It provides communication tools to discuss work with industry and educational partners.


Lab Zone

In the lab zone, students have everything they need to apply lessons toward real-life problem solving: flexible configurations, storage, places to plug in, and sophisticated equipment.

“ . . . excellent opportunities for students to brainstorm and collaborate on scientific issues. These multi-disciplines represent a best practice for STEM laboratories.”

Industry Meets Science

Materials and design merge industry and science to reflect the cross-curricular nature of the program. Wood work tables and slop sinks reflect the traditional shop. Metal cabinetry, chemical-resistant epoxy resin lab tables, and rubber flooring create the industrial look of the professional production laboratory.


“These labs represent Science for the 21st century and fulfill our vision and need to prepare our students as intellectual leaders.”


A Setting for Experimentation

Movable tables and individual work carts roll under counters to give students the flexibility to conduct many experiments. Lockable study carrels provide space for independent study and long-term projects.

Overhead Gridding

An overhead steel pipe grid allows students to suspend objects, install task lighting, and clamp on IP cameras to record and share their work. The ceiling also has power outlet reels, compressed air, and data ports.


“Because of these labs, we now have students actively engaged in year-long college-level research and a phenomenal mentoring program.”


Curiosity Is Piqued

Large windows display lab activity in the corridor to get students excited about STEM applications.