Legat Architects

Critical Regionalism

This diagram illustrates the link to history with the use of the common bay window as precedent. Areas with high concentrations of historical building stock deserve to have that stock respected and honored, and this represents one method of interpreting the past for the uses of the future.

The Equality Seat

This diagram illustrates how the bay window concept is applied in practice, with an eye-to-eye relationship between multiple users of any physical capacity. This is particularly important in projects with high proportions of people with disabilities, particularly public areas, or in social areas in which people are likely to be waiting for extended periods of time.

“The concept is based around equal access to educational opportunity and exposure to nature through courtyard access from all learning environments. The project consistently expresses a playful rationalism and contextualism without mimicry.”

Systems Integration Approach

This diagram shows how the whole system fits together in a cohesive manner. No part is considered separate from the rest.