Legat Architects

“We gave [Legat] a challenge: You created a station that’s probably one of the finest in the Chicago area. You are literally competing with yourself. Can you outdo yourself? I think they did.”

Devoted to Details

  • Masonry proportions, detailing, and decoration reflect traditional construction methods and create a sense of monumentality.
  • Exterior face brick comes into the building to blur the separation between exterior and interior and create an inviting interior space.
  • Clay pavers throughout the site create a durable, colorful tapestry to ground and complement the station.

“This is a monumental building the likes of which you rarely see in the southern suburbs.”

More Than a Place to Wait

The 80th Avenue Station has served as a venue for concerts and wedding receptions.

“The new 80th Avenue station—the fourth busiest in the Metra system—stands as a sanctuary for the flustered commuter, the curious visitor, and the proud resident.”