Legat Architects

One Building, Five Houses

Five “houses” surround the outdoor courtyard; large and small gaps within and between houses break up the massing and give the feel of a multi-building campus.


“Some events demand that you pull out all the stops, tech-wise–look no further than the University Center of Lake County.”


Ribbons of Metal

Metal ribbons weave in and out of the exterior curtain wall to create balconies and benches; the ribbons carry through to the interior to define balconies and a spiral staircase.

“The center creates a county hub for academic and professional enhancement, while enhancing our visibility.”

Multifunctional Conference Space

The conference area includes flexible meeting spaces (e.g., multi-purpose room divides into 3 smaller spaces), enabling academic and corporate uses.


“While the nature of this building is the bringing together of many college programs, the nature of the design is the bringing together of many individual brick masses into one finely integrated whole. The experience inside and out must be an inspiration to the students and faculty passing through it.”