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In the course of a project, you will encounter several members of our talented team. They come from diverse backgrounds and approach each question from a different standpoint. This diversity of thought will strengthen your project.

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Research – Seasonal Daylight Geometry

Discover how making the most of massing and placement can lead to buildings that are energy efficient, healthy, and affordable.

architecture and daylight

Research – Tiny Homes Chicago

Get the story on a research project that gives homeless young adults in Chicago’s South Side a leg up in the working world.

tiny homes chicago


Research – Bridging States

Learn about a concept that focuses on healing one of Chicago’s most impoverished and underdeveloped areas by “stitching togethering” two divided parts.

bridging states

Research – Equality Seat

We created a concept for a bay window that creates equal space for both those with and without accessibility apparatus.



Research – Net-zero Advanced Manufacturing Center

Find out about a proposed advanced manufacturing training facility designed to achieve net-zero energy consumption.

view net-zero center


Flip This Classroom

Flip This Classroom is an internationally recognized research project that measures the relationship between learning environments and student performance.

explore Model Classroom