Legat Architects

“This is a handsome building. It’s done in a great way without being overdone. It’s not too heroic, but definitely pedestrian scale. It feels good, it looks traditional, and it looks like it fits nicely in our community. The architects have done a great job.”


Entry Tower

A tower at the southwest corner identifies an entrance plus ties the station into the adjacent village hall and fire station towers.

Curb Appeal

Stone creates a strong, yet friendly presence along Sigwalt Street.


Community Room

The community room welcomes residents for a variety of events. A large arched window faces a busy street to further connect the police department and the community.

Rising from the Ash

The station salvages wood from trees that the village had to chop down due to an emerald ash borer infestation. The wood appears in the public area wall panels, roof decking, window mullions, benches, display cases, and door trim.

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“This project is more than just a space for our employees; it’s a reflection of what this community and this organization believe is important. It’s also a reflection of the attention to detail and seriousness with which the design and construction team conducted themselves.”


Labs Speed Up Evidence Analysis

Forensics and cybercrimes labs enable officers to analyze physical evidence and digital content much quicker: some tasks that took two years in the old station can be completed in five to ten hours in the new one.

Administrative Conference Room

The administrative conference room tops the entry tower. At night, the space illuminates so passersby can see their representatives in action.



The breakroom has a variety of seating options and access to a rooftop patio.

“[Legat] was so creative . . . pulling out sketch pads and coming up with new ideas that would make the project more cost effective.”

Firing Range

The lower level features a 26-yard, 6-lane firing range. Angled ballistic panels on the ceiling prevent errant rounds from penetrating the parking garage above.


Simulated Training

A five-screen simulator challenges trainees with realistic emergency scenarios.


The station includes a 10,000-square-foot garage that brings all department vehicles under roof.


Village Input

The design and construction team met with the village every two weeks from early design through construction documents. Stakeholders had input on everything from floor plans and exterior renderings to the interior material and color palette.