Legat Architects


Four large wood veneer “clouds” stretch between the stage and the back wall to improve acoustics. A person in the back of the theater can hear someone on stage speaking in a normal voice without a microphone.



The old auditorium’s low-slope floor and scalloped walls hindered patrons’ ability to see and hear performances.

A Revived Regional Landmark

Watch a video (courtesy Hallibrack) featuring footage from the Bartlett Performing Arts Center dedication ceremony.

“It was an inclusive process. We were at every meeting and our voices were heard to create a design that balanced our dreams with the reality of the budget.”


Fine Arts Expansion

An addition houses three light-filled fine arts instructional rooms: instrumental music, choral, and multipurpose. The multipurpose room, equipped with lighting and audiovisual systems, doubles as a black box theater for small performances.

River Wall

The river wall, inspired by the two nearby rivers, curves along the lobby/corridor that separates the auditorium from the new educational spaces. The wall flows from the main entry to the back entrance.


An Invitation

A curving glass wall fills the lobby with daylight during the day. At night, it displays lobby activity and builds anticipation for performances.