Legat Architects

A View from Above

Take an aerial tour of the Simulated Scenario Village. Commercial buildings of one to three stories line the main street, which leads to a two-story residential facility on a cul-de-sac.

“The village enables students to encounter and successfully complete an endless array of simulated emergency situations before they join public safety departments.”

“The Simulated Scenario Village serves those who serve others by providing intensive, hands-on training for first responders in Northeast Ohio and beyond. The goal is to provide training that leads to safer streets, safer neighborhoods, and a safer community.”

“We wanted the most detailed, comprehensive training environment, both for our students and the agencies who use the facility.”

“The movable walls allow us to create many different scenarios, which keeps everyone sharp. You can’t simply anticipate the layout here. The type of training we can offer here is almost limitless.”


Theatrical Smoke

To enhance lessons for firefighters and law enforcement personnel, instructors can introduce theatrical smoke into scenarios in all village buildings.