Legat Architects

Illinois’ Premier Swimming Destination

FMC Natatorium, located just 20 miles west of downtown Chicago, offers more spectator seating than any other Illinois swimming venue.


Designed for Speed

Several factors make the competition pool an elite racing venue: a rim-flow gutter system, deep water, specialized starting blocks, wider lanes, “bottom feed” jets, and more.

“. . . the fastest and most beautiful aquatic center in Illinois.”

Horseshoe Seating

The horseshoe-shaped seating arrangement offers three sides of seating to accommodate up 1,200 spectators.


“By hosting major events at the FMC Natatorium, we want to keep swim dollars in Illinois by bringing families to hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses.”


Tech Countertops

On the balcony level, standing-height countertops allow spectators to plug in devices and enjoy snacks.

Development Pool

The smaller development pool serves competitors (warm up/cool down) and community members (fitness, lessons). Parents can watch from an air-conditioned lounge.


“It’s refreshing, well-lit, and inspirational. FMC/For My Community is not just a sign on the building—this is a swim community.”


Swimming on Display

Large windows and clerestories not only fill the space with daylight, but also draw attention to nighttime activities.

Locker Rooms

The FMC Natatorium houses four locker rooms. Men’s and women’s connect to the competition pool, while boys’ and girls’ access the development pool.