Legat Architects

Interior Firing Range

A garage door allows instructors to bring emergency vehicles into this full-scale, 50-yard, 24-position range.


“A one-of-a-kind shooting range, the most advanced firearms training simulator on the market, a state-of-the-art emergency operations center, a cutting-edge dispatch/communication lab, and nearly a dozen more accoutrements . . .”


Range Prep Zone

This space, which has views into the firing range, offers countertops for lessons in weapons cleaning, repair, and safety.

Video Simulation Zone

Law enforcement personnel, armed with a technology-sensitive gun, stand amid five screens that depict realistic interactive emergencies similar to first-person gaming.


“The HTC allows us to drop trainees into the thick of a simulated scenario, providing them with a more realistic learning experience.”


911 Call Center
Training Lab

Instructors use the latest audio-visual and mapping technology to train emergency dispatchers.

“It’s as close to the real feeling as you can get. I don’t think there is another environment in our area that is as versatile and provides as many opportunities to not only work on physical skills but the mental skills as well.”



The spacious lobby offers a reception desk and a variety of seating for individual study or
group work.

Multiuse Classroom

One 80-seat space divides into two
smaller classrooms.