Legat Architects

Water Responsibility

The Greenhouse Facility uses water from three sources: primary (i.e., rainwater stored in underground tanks), secondary (i.e., well water), tertiary (i.e., city water). Additional water-conserving features include the following:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Ebb and flow benches (pictured)
  • Hydroponics (growing without soil)
  • Pulse watering for hanging plants
  • Sanitary treatment system that supports outdoor native vegetation

Passive Ventilation

A passive ventilation system automatically opens roofs to moderate house temperatures and reduce energy consumption.


Multipurpose Classroom

Tables and chairs can easily be rolled out of the multipurpose classroom. A custom 8’ by 8’ garage door allows small machinery to enter the space for mechanics courses.


A hydroponics system (i.e., growing plants without soil) allows the college to produce every 50 days the same yield that would take 72 days outdoors.


Respect for the Region

Materials and design respond to the JJC campus and the city of Joliet, Illinois: flat roofs, rectilinear façade, beige ground face concrete block.