Legat Architects


Four grade-level “neighborhoods” create schools within the school and bring comfort to younger students. Each neighborhood has a front porch with a feature wall color, a large tackboard and cases for displaying projects, and built-in benches.

“Legat listened to us and gave us what we wanted. The entire community felt like they were part of the process.”

Board Members Weigh In

Watch this video to get Laraway School District board members’ reactions to the new school.


Active Learning

Each neighborhood has a flexible open space for learning outside the classroom. Floor-to-ceiling glass draws students through the light-filled spaces. Older student neighborhoods have lower lockers that keep walls open for windows into classrooms and writable surfaces.

“I heard ‘That’s good enough’ a thousand times, but ‘good enough’ was not in our vocabulary. We had one opportunity to do what’s best for the kids, and we did that.”

Little Learners

The active learning area in the Little Learners (preK-1) neighborhood encourages physical activity and motor skills training. Note also the transparency between the classrooms and the open area.


Middle School

The middle school neighborhood has its own internal circulation loop that surrounds an active learning area for breakout sessions and presentations.

Classroom/Coaching Room

A small coaching room connects each pair of classrooms.


“During planning, we asked that it not look like a warehouse. We have a masonry exterior, unlike the preformed concrete that many of the buildings surrounding us have. It’s going to be a jewel of the community.”



A larger, more open library features built-in bookshelves, reading nooks, age-appropriate furniture, and window benches.


The design of new Laraway School emphasizes views and natural light. Library window benches, for instance, display the courtyard at the heart of the school.


Modular Tech STEM Lab

Junior high students explore different career paths in the modular tech lab, which ties in with Joliet Township High School’s Career Academies.

Italian Tile

Vibrant Italian tiles identify bathroom areas.


“This new school will make the kids proud of being here, proud of being a Laraway student.”


Events Entry

Buses drop off students at the events entry next to the gym.