Legat Architects

Prep Area

Before visiting babies in the special care nursery, families put on gowns and wash their hands in a prep area with storage and adult- and child-height sinks. Curving ceiling and floor patterns are a prelude to the dynamic elliptical forms in the special care nursery.

A Peaceful Setting

Curving shapes and cheerful pastels soften the space. The central caregiver station features two rounded desks between an elliptical ceiling and matching carpet shape, which helps diminish the rectilinear walls and sharp corners required by the efficient layout of the nursery. The station, appearing to float over the circulation area, plays the role of a “mission control,” assuring anxious parents with professionalism and compassion.


Daylighted Feel

Research-verified virtual skylights above the nursing station and each bay suggest a daylit space at the core of the special care nursery.

Well Baby Nursery

Family members and visitors can view healthy newborns from the corridor window at the right side, while caregivers in the special care nursery can occasionally monitor from the other side. Elliptical ceiling and floor treatments visually connect the well baby and special care spaces.