Legat Architects

Learning Labs

Large-scale learning labs house 100 to 300 students, but also support small-scale teams. Each lab offers video screens and large tables with eight stations wired for computers.


“This Center provides many collaborative opportunities, in and out of the classroom, for our students and faculty.”


DNA Café

The renovated DNA Café connects the Centennial Learning Center addition with the existing campus and serves as a new student union. The renovated kitchen is completely upgraded with modernized equipment.

Centennial Room

The glass wall above the entry displays the Centennial Room, a learning lab that doubles as a venue for special functions. The space extends over the entry to form a canopy.


DNA in the Design

The design reflects the legacy of the university’s namesake, Dr. Rosalind Franklin, as a central figure in the discovery of the structure of DNA; DNA sequencing inspired the slender window slots and patterns in the carpeting, walls, and paving.