Legat Architects


The front entrance to the center greets new and prospective students with a spacious, light-filled two-story open lobby, including digital signage and lounge seating. Behind the maple-clad front wall is a computer lab with retractable folding glass partitions.


Social Stair

Students often socialize on the feature stair, which offers USB ports for charging phones and laptops.

Laker Nest

A renovation creates the new Laker Nest Bookstore, which has increased traffic and sales compared to the older bookstore. The project also adds an overhead door for the delivery of supplies to the store.


Police Department

A new home among other student services makes the college’s police department much more visible and easier to access than its previous location in a converted home.

Natural Light

Clerestory glazing brings natural light deeper into the corridors. Sleek, unobtrusive light fixtures provide artificial light while keeping the two-story space light and airy. The computer lab’s location in the center of the floor plan offers easy access for all departments. Retractable folding glass partitions allow the computer lab to be fully open or closed when a class is in session.


Rhythmic Patterning

Brick-clad blocks flank the center glass volume. The glass openings that stripe the brick are sized and placed in a rhythmic pattern reminiscent of a longitudinal sound wave. The mullions on the central glass box follow a similar beat.