Legat Architects

Light and Uplifting

An elliptical ceiling feature with clerestories distributes daylight and draws people into the lobby. It is also visible from the outside loop road as a curved beacon. The circular uplight/downlight fixtures provide direct downward lighting while illuminating the expansive ceiling.



The curved corridor flanks small seating areas while the adjacent curved wood-paneled wall displays a dividable conference room and leads visitors to the lobby.


The large linear accelerator vault features a stone wall backdrop to the sculptural equipment, flush-panel wood-toned storage cabinets, and an LED-lighted ceiling panel with images of sky and trees. This ceiling feature simulates a skylight overhead, further relaxing the patient with positive distractions. An elliptical beam of light on the floor reinforces the ceiling feature, which includes a second ellipse that holds cameras and other equipment.



Staff members keep clinical supplies, body and facial molds, and radiation shielding hidden from patient view behind the vault’s stone walls, reinforcing the simple, calm ambiance inside the large treatment room.