Legat Architects

The Little Blue Door

The child-sized blue door that welcomes students is the first of many features that give the district’s earliest learners “a place that is theirs.”


A Place That’s Theirs – Watch Video

Watch this video to see the ELC’s learning gardens, lively corridors and classrooms, and other highlights. District leaders discuss how the design incorporates the input of staff and improves the attitudes of students, teachers, and parents.


The administrative area just off the entry includes a family support center and family learning center.


“Usually our early learners have separation anxiety and cry during drop-off out front. After our first month open, we noticed the reverse—that several students were upset that they had to leave the facility! We appreciate that this environment helps the students feel comfortable to explore and makes learning fun.”



Corridor breakout spaces called “exploratories” offer curving colorful designs, wall materials that welcome touch, and views of the learning gardens.

“One of the great pieces about it is how it reflects children. They really get the feel that ‘This is my place, I feel good about it, and I want to be here.’”

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Light-filled corridors include a culinary arts space with a child-sized counter (pictured), small stages, and “therapy stairs” used for training children how to climb or as seating for learning sessions.


Motor Skills Zone

A motor skills area with multi-activity space and courtyard views serves children of all needs.

“Attitudes of not only our students and staff, but also our parents have changed incredibly.”